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Most maritime/offshore injuries are caused by negligence. Cutting corners in the name of saving money coupled with the socially accepted idea that offshore work is inherently dangerous have created a dangerous environment for maritime workers. Offshore accidents are particularly common in Louisiana because of our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

While these offshore jobs do come with additional risks compared to land based jobs, there is also a cultural component of “toughness” that comes with working on boats and oil rigs that can also motivate employees to underreport injuries that can last a lifetime.

McConnell Law firm has a solid reputation for fighting oil and gas corporations aggressively. We serve injured workers all along the gulf coast, including Intercoastal City, Abbeville, Kaplan, Lake Charles, and more.

In addition to having the right to sue their employers, seamen have extra protection of the law that includes the right to recover wages, maintenance compensation, and cure (reasonable payment of medical expenses), among other things.

In the most extreme cases, workers exposed to chemicals, hazardous equipments, explosions, fires, and electrical dangers can die, leaving behind a family with bills to pay and the lack of additional income.

Lafayette Jones Act Attorney

Under the Jones Act (Marine Merchant Act of 1920), seamen have specific legal rights that protect their health and livelihood. McConnell Law Offices has experience successfully representing maritime workers and their families. This act entitles them, or their surviving spouse or dependents, to file a lawsuit against their employer when their fellow crew members or ship owner’s negligence caused injury or death.

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Types of Maritime Lawsuits

Louisiana Barge Accident Attorney

Injuries sustained in barge accidents are often serious, and sometimes fatal. Conditions such as aging equipment, severe weather, unsafe practices and choppy water can make working on a barge one of the most dangerous jobs on the water.

Liability in these cases can be difficult to immediately discern because the fault can lie with the equipment manufacturer, the employer, the owner of the vessel, or a combination of those parties.

If you have been injured in a barge accident, you need an attorney who can cut through the complexities of these types of incidents and come up with a clear plan.

Louisiana Commercial Fishing Accident Attorney

Commercial fishing accidents are more common in the deep south because seafood is a major part of our culinary tradition. In addition to the shellfish and deep water fish we consume locally, Louisiana is also one of the nation’s largest suppliers of seafood.

McConnell Law Offices understands how accidents can play out on commercial fishing rigs, and we also know how they could have been prevented. Matt McConnell has experience representing injured fishermen and representing the families of commercial fishermen who have been injured on the job.

Louisiana Deck Hand Injury Attorney

Deck hands are often injured in accidents due to the dangerous nature of their work. Heavy lifting, maintaining electrical and diesel equipment and working with cranes and forklifts are all more challenging when you are doing them on a boat or on navigable waterways. Hazardous weather conditions and long hours can also contribute to an unsafe environment where workers get injured.

If you are a deck hand and you have been injured in an accident, you have options. If you have experienced a head, neck, or back injury, a TBI (traumatic brain injury), a herniated disc, a broken bone, a hernia, a burn (chemical or fire), or any other injury performing your duties, we can help. McConnell Law Offices has extensive experience helping to get compensation and peace of mind for injured deck hands.

Louisiana Oil Rig Explosion Attorney

Thankfully, oil rig explosions are decreasing with advances in safety procedures and measures. Still, these things do occur due to the nature of working with volatile petroleum products, and they are almost always serious or life-threatening to those offshore workers involved.

The dangers of working offshore are compounded by the fact that injured workers are miles away from emergency rooms, and every instance of an offshore explosion is a race against time. The race against time doesn’t end when the worker gets emergency treatment either. Insurance companies scramble to create an environment that is advantageous to their clients’ bottom lines. It is imperative that when safe to do so, you immediately speak with an attorney and secure legal representation after an offshore accident or explosion has occurred.


Louisiana Offshore Drilling Accident Attorney

Oil & Gas work brings unparalleled opportunity to our region, but offshore drilling accidents are a devastating downside to this dangerous work. Negligence by business owners in failing to maintain equipment are a commonplace cause of offshore drilling injuries in Louisiana’s coastal waters.

Paralysis, spinal cord injuries, crushing injuries, amputations and drowning are just some of the serious injuries that can occur on an offshore drilling platform or rig and in drilling or production. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a drilling accident, you need legal representation to ensure that you and your family are compensated. Matt McConnell has over 20 years of experience litigating in courtrooms and negotiating out-of-court settlements with the big oil and gas corporations. He and his legal team will compassionately serve you and make every effort to get your life back.

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