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Injury Accident Attorney 

McConnell Law Offices proudly represents our friends, neighbors, and family from the Acadiana area in accident and injury cases. 


Admiralty and Maritime Recognition

McConnell Recognized AGAIN by Acadiana Lawyers as one of Acadiana's TOP Lawyers

Offshore and maritime injuries can devastate workers and their families. And the complicated patchwork of tort, worker's compensation, Longshore, Jones Act, and state and federal laws, means injured workers and their familes need a lawyer to help navigate their way to recovery.

McConnell Law Offices is pleased to serve Acadiana families who need such representation to help their injured worker get proper medical attention, to get that paid for, and to replace past and future lost wages.

We are humbled that in 2015 Acadiana Profile magazine has again recognized that Acadiana lawyers consider Matt McConnell among Acadiana's Top Lawyers. This yuear Matt is recognized in Admiralty and Maritime Law.

"The voting for Professional Research Services survey to determine the 2015 top attorneys for Acadiana Profile magazine was open to all licensed attorneys in the Acadiana, Louisiana market area. Each attorney was asked which attorney, other than himself or herself, they would recommend in the Acadiana area."


Insurance Law Key to Accidental Injury Recovery

McConnell Recognized by Acadiana Lawyers as one of Acadiana's TOP Lawyers

In accident and injury cases, knowledge and experience in the area of insurance law is of the utmost importance. So we are especially proud to share that in 2014 Acadiana Profile magazine recognized that Acadiana lawyers consider Matt McConnell a Top Lawyer in the category of Insurance Law. McConnell Law would be pleased to put its Insurance Law experience to work for you in your accidental injury case.

According to Acadiana Profile, "The voting for Professional Research Services survey to determine the top attorneys for Acadiana Profile magazine was open to all licensed attorneys in the Acadiana, Louisiana market area. Each attorney was asked which attorney, other than himself or herself, he or she would recommend in the Acadiana area. Each attorney was allowed to recommend up to three colleagues in each given legal specialty. Once the online nominations were complete, each nominee was carefully evaluated on the basis of the survey results, the legitimacy of their license, and their current standing with the State Bar Association of Louisiana. Attorneys who received the highest number of votes in each category are reflected in the list ...".




Lafayette lawyer Matt D. McConnell was selected as one of the Top 100 Litigation lawyers in the State of Louisiana by the American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA). 

"Being selected as one of the Top 100 lawyers in the State is nice," McConnell said of the news, "but it doesn't compare to being that one lawyer for a family or injured worker facing serious legal issues. I went to law school in 1993 planning to return to Lafayette to help folks who live in and around Lafayette and Acadiana where I grew up."

"It's the fulfillment of my dream to help folks here when they are in need of legal help especially when the chips - and maybe even the odds - are against them getting help otherwise." He continued, "I thank God for the American legal system and that I have the blessing of ability in the law to lend to folks who don't have the same training."

ASLA had this to say about the selection process:

"Selection was the culmination of a six-month process in which ASLA independently researched information on tens of thousands of lawyers, resulting in the selection of each Top 100 ..."


Memorial Day

When I was growing up I learned that America was exceptional for many reasons - a democratic form of government and the right to vote; the principle of equality that through great sacrifices transformed our culture from slavery without destroying the nation; the potential for a regular guy or gal with no privileged lineage to become a leader; civil and criminal justice, and the list goes on and on.
Later I studied history and traveled a bit, and I learned that intellectuals, privileged folks, and ordinary people from across the world were envious of my American birthplace and the many givens of our American lives that we take for granted.
But I also learned that being American is no given, and that an American (just like a Christian) is responsible for carrying on and protecting the principles, which are enshrined in our Bill of Rights and Constitution (like the Christian's New Testament) and make our neighborhoods, towns, and states exceptional; these principles and and their guidance permit our ordinary friends, family, and neighbors to be exceptional because they are Americans.
I have been fortunate that like many of our sons, fathers, and grandfathers (and theirs before them) I was not called to violence to protect America. But I am so thankful and amazed at those who were called and who have answered so heroically that America lives on for me and my family.
God bless America and the men and women who gave everything to make her what she is. May the actions of my life - although they will never be heroic like the actions of our fallen warriors - nevertheless glorify the sacrifices of those men and women on whose shoulders America's destiny rests.

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