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"Texting while driving" homicide

"Texting while driving" believed to have killed five.
Texting driver and his employer indicted for homicide.
Please put the phones down, people.


Are There Recalls on Your Car or Truck?

Quickly search by year, make, and model of car to see recalls quickly.


Bell Helicopter Still Committed to Lafayette

Bell Helicopter Still Committed to Lafayette

"Effective immediately, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X final assembly in Lafayette, LA, will relocate to the company’s Mirabel Assembly and Delivery Center in Canada. In addition, the Lafayette facility will receive the Bell 525 Relentless cabin subassembly, relocating from the Amarillo, TX, facility, and the Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) modification work relocating from the Bell Helicopter facility in Ozark, AL. Neither move is expected to impact the certification of the Bell 525 or Bell 505."
“'The relocation of these programs will enable the company to optimize its manufacturing footprint across multiple sites, while maximizing the core capabilities of each facility,” said president and CEO of Bell Helicopter Mitch Snyder.' “ 

Matthew Reed is McConnell Firm's New Associate

McConnell Law Offices is pleased and proud to announce that Matthew Ryan Reed is now employed by the firm as an Associate Lawyer.

Mister Reed was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in 2016 after graduating from Loyola Law School and clerking in Houma with Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth Lanier, Ninth District, Office of Worker’s Compensation.

Mr. Reed was raised in Lafayette where he graduated from Saint Thomas More High School. He obtained a bachelor's degree from ULL and two master's degrees from LSU before attending Loyola Law School.

Mr. Reed’s practice focus includes worker injuries, personal injury and general practice matters.


From the Archives: McConnell on Negotiation


We asked litigator Matt McConnell [*formerly] of the Lafayette, La., office of Preis & Roy whether he thought this book on negotiation had the kind of advice that would benefit practicing lawyers. Here's his report:

Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want By Martin E. Latz (St. Martin's Press)

In this book, Martin E. Latz, founder of the Latz Negotiation Institute and a former negotiator on White House Advance Teams, explains the strategic science and competitive gamesmanship of negotiation.

With examples taken from everyday experience, such as buying or selling a car or negotiating high-level corporate takeovers, he reveals how being well-informed and aware of the parties' relative leverage and styles can influence negotiations.

Latz' then shows how to create that leverage and improve your position before negotiating. He also shows how to recognize how and where concession may be more productive than "digging in," and how advance goal-setting can create gains from such concessions.

Most helpful: "In business, you don't get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate," says Latz, quoting negotiation guru Chester L. Karass. He illustrates with the story of Thomas Edison's sale of the Universal stock ticker. Edison decided in advance to ask $5,000 for it, but would accept as little as $3,000. When he hesitated, however, the buyer made the first offer - for $40,000! By holding off, Edison made more than 10 times what he would have accepted.

Who it's for Anyone who's wondered why, despite informally discovering vital facts in your favor, your results disappoint.

Recommendation: Buy it. As a lawyer, you and your clients will appreciate how this easy-reading guide improves your analytical approach to purposeful negotiation.