McConnell Law: Helping Acadiana's Injured People and Businesses
Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 12:58PM
McConnell Law Offices

Matt McConnell was raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he attended public and private schools including USL's Hamilton Lab School, Woodvale and Plantation Elementary, Paul Breaux Middle, and St. Thomas More High School.

Matt observed his parents serve their small business customers and discovered that he was naturally inclined to identify injustice and to serve "the little guys" of the world. He found career inspiration from Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird".

Matt worked his way through school as a deckhand on the Chesapeake Bay, as a Virginia hardwood-sawmill manager, and as a paperboy, newspaper-reporter and assistant newspaper editor.

Now representing the people of Acadiana, who he thinks of as friends and neighbors, Matt takes greatest pleasure in securing justice on their behalf even in the face of multinational conglomerates, and helping to restore order to their lives where previously accidental injury or casualty had created chaos and disruption.

If you or your business has been harmed by accidental injury or loss, please call Matt McConnell and let McConnell Law Offices help.


There is no charge for initial appointments in injury and casualty cases. If you have questions, we can help find answers. Just call.

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